by Velvet Moustache


How did the creation of this soccer player from another galaxy happen? It was in 2008, I was making small balls with extra fabric. I liked the concept, but I did not think that the ball, alone, went well with the imaginary Velvet. I have therefore conceived to make a creature that would have an eye shaped as a ball. After several tests, it is an alien who appeared with antennaes, small arms and long legs, without ears, nose or mouth. Still today, at each fair, we meet visitors who remain stunned by this "invention". When people realize that the eye is removable to play soccer they are stunned!

Write us in the comment section to pick the eye color :) !

Made of velours or terry 80% cotton, 20% polyester made in Montréal – inside 100% polyester

Size: 16"x14" including antennas and legs

Removable eye!!!