by Velvet Moustache


There is nothing better than celebrating the arrival of summer with our new fruity collection!! We made 5 new pillows inspired by our favorite fruits just in time for summer. We created Kiwi, Lime, Lemon, Orange and Watermelon wedges. It's a good way to celebrate the warm and sunny weather!

Size: 46 x 24 cm

Lime : Terry made of organic cotton and recycled polyester, and sherpa

Watermelon : Terry, sherpa and leatherette

Lemon : Velour made of cotton and polyester, terry and sherpa

Orange : Quilt knit, velour made of cotton and polyester, and leatherette

Kiwi : Velour made of cotton and polyester, sherpa and leatherette

All the eyes are made of jersey :)

The insides are polyester