Baby Blue Whale

by Velvet Moustache

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In addition to being the superstar of Gaspésie, the Baby Blue Whale helps others. Because of it, Velvet Moustache unites with Le Phare to continue to offer families with very sick children a place specially designed for them. A magical place where the staff is infinitely loving, generous and attentive. It seemed quite fair that this large marine mammal, force of nature, darling of the child's imagination, would be the best representative of Le Phare!

When we sell a big Blue Whale, $10 are donated to Le Phare and when selling baby Blue Whale, $4 are donated to Le Phare.

TERRY 80% organic cotton, 20% recycled polyester made in Montreal – inside 100% polyester
Size: 6"x6"
Comes with a small windowed paper bag.