Website under construction ... Our website is getting a makeover! ...

Website under construction ... Our website is getting a makeover! ...

Who we are

Our Story

 Electrik Kidz was born in 2010 after a stylish and creative mother received many compliments regarding the triangular pieces of fabric tied around her baby boy’s neck in place of a bib. This piece added of a pacifier clip became the Baby Bandana known today as the flagship model of the brand and was the first step towards whole collections of crafty pieces of clothing for kids and their young-at-heart parents. 

 « Electrik Kidz, the brand that makes you want to make babies! »



 Our Concept

Electrik Kidz is an edgy and clever clothing brand located in Montreal which specializes in accessories for kids aged from 0 to 5 years old. It gets its inspiration from the childhood of a new generation of parents to offer a new style of products for kids that pleases toddlers and adults. Electrik Kidz clothing and accessories mix up nostalgia and modernity by revisiting classic patterns and cuts, by using ethical fabric of high quality, and by creating clever designs.



 Our Values

  • To minimize our impact on the environment by:
  • -using organic cotton and other ethical materials (recycled, fair trade, natural or locally processed) as well as designers’ end of batch fabrics
  • -hand-silkscreening our products with eco-friendly water-based ink
  • -supplying ourselves in fabrics in North-America
  • To stimulate the creation of jobs by doing business with local manufacturers and self-employed seamstresses
  • To counter gender stereotypes by using more unisex colors and designs than what is currently found on the market
  • To suggest a different way of consuming kids’ fashion by proposing creative and funky designs without refering to commercial cartoon characters


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